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OETC 2011: LSI: Life Science Investigation - "Attack of the Alien Invaders"



Presenter: Toivo Motter
Co-Presenters: George Viebranz, Dante Centuori, Scott Barber

WVIZ/PBS ideastream in collaboration with Great Lakes Science Center has created a free multiple media resource for your science classroom. Using the real-life story of the potential Asian carp invasion of the Great Lakes, "Attack of the Alien Invaders" will "hook" your students into a better understanding of life science. Host Dante Centuori (Director of Creative Productions at Great Lakes Science Center) leads students through a series of investigations, visiting experts along the battle lines of Lake Erie. He'll "reel in" your students, helping them meet Ohio's middle grade science standards. Students use real scientific data and info... [ More ]
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