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House Session - March 23, 2011

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Date : 03-23-2011     View : 27,766 Views     Duration : 03:34:27     Size : 996.2 MB    
13:30:57Convene Session/InvocationToday’s prayer will be offered by Rev. Alan Brown, Westminster Presbyterian Church – Canton, OH
13:41:43Journal of Previous Day
13:42:05Introduction of Bills
13:44:32Third Consideration - SB 4 (S)
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Mike Dovilla
13:48:20Third Consideration - HB 123
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Jay Hottinger
13:55:20Third Consideration - HB 124
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Jay Hottinger
13:59:29Third Consideration - HCR 8
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Michael Stinziano, Sean O'Brien
14:03:42Third Consideration - HB 159
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Louis Blessing, Clayton Luckie, Kathleen Clyde, Robert Hagan, Louis Blessing, Robert Hagan, Louis Blessing, Alicia Reece, Matt Lundy , Matt Szollosi, Dennis Murray, Robert Mecklenborg, Danny Bubp, Ron Young, Kathleen Clyde, Robert Mecklenborg, Ted Celeste, Matt Huffman, Louis Blessing, Alicia Reece, Robert Mecklenborg, Debbie Phillips, Robert Hagan, Matt Huffman, Nickie Antonio, Matt Huffman, Robert Mecklenborg, Michael Foley, Lorraine Fende, Louis Blessing, Tom Letson, Lou Gentile, Connie Pillich, Vernon Sykes, Robert Mecklenborg, Vernon Sykes, Robert Mecklenborg, Tracy Maxwell Heard, W. Carlton Weddington, Ron Young, Teresa Fedor, Robert Mecklenborg, Matt Huffman, Sandra Williams, Armond Budish
16:42:22Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 114
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Ross McGregor, John Patrick Carney, Ron Amstutz, Alicia Reece, Gerald Stebelton
17:01:15RecognitionRep. Garland with a point of personal privilege