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House Session - May 5, 2011 - Part 3

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Date : 05-05-2011     View : 40,781 Views     Duration : 05:11:33     Size : 1.4 GB    
15:13:38Reconvene Session
15:14:21Third Consideration - HB 153 (S)
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Richard Hollington, John Carey, Matt Szollosi, Connie Pillich, Matt Szollosi, Matt Huffman, John Patrick Carney, Ron Amstutz, Matt Huffman, Barbara Sears, Mike Dovilla, Matt Lundy , Mike Dovilla, Bill Patmon, Mike Dovilla, Ron Amstutz, Matt Huffman, John Barnes, Matt Huffman, Matt Lundy , Lynn Wachtmann, Ron Amstutz, Matt Huffman, Kathleen Clyde, Randy Gardner, Matt Huffman, Debbie Phillips, Ron Amstutz, Gerald Stebelton, Teresa Fedor, Matt Huffman, Ross McGregor, Kenny Yuko, Matt Huffman, Ron Young, Clayton Luckie, Matt Huffman, Gerald Stebelton, Mike Ashford, Randy Gardner, Mike Ashford, Randy Gardner, Mike Ashford, Randy Gardner, Mike Ashford, Matt Huffman, Ron Maag, Ron Amstutz, John Carey, Clayton Luckie, Gerald Stebelton, Clayton Luckie, Matt Huffman, Michael Foley, Matt Huffman, Louis Blessing, Connie Pillich, Jim Buchy, John Carey, Matt Huffman, Nancy Garland, Dave Hall, Teresa Fedor, Matt Huffman, Mark Okey, Teresa Fedor, Dave Hall, Matt Huffman, Jay Goyal , Ron Amstutz, Matt Huffman, Ron Young, Matt Huffman, Matt Lundy , Ross McGregor, Matt Huffman, Nan Baker, Robert Hagan, Ron Amstutz, Matt Huffman, Dave Burke, W. Carlton Weddington, Robert Mecklenborg, Matt Huffman, Danny Bubp, Alicia Reece, Matt Huffman, Jay Hottinger, Jarrod Martin, Armond Budish, Ron Amstutz