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House Session - May 24, 2011

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Date : 05-24-2011     View : 12,490 Views     Duration : 01:23:52     Size : 378.9 MB    
11:03:52Convene Session/InvocationReverend Christina Neilson, a guest of Rep. Dovilla
11:10:36Resolution - HR 108
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Rep. Johnson honoring Orville Ray Timberlake on being named the 2011 Ohio DRC Correction Officer of the Year.
11:17:55Journal of Previous Day
11:18:15Introduction of Bills
11:25:12Third Consideration - HB 96 (A)
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Ted Celeste, Andrew Brenner, Jim Buchy
11:49:30Third Consideration - SB 71 (A)
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Peter Beck, Terry Boose, Tom Letson, Matt Lundy , Ronald Gerberry, Denise Driehaus, Bill Patmon, Dale Mallory
12:01:42Resignation Michael Foley, Jay Hottinger, William P. Coley
12:22:45RecognitionRep. Bubp with a point of personal privilege