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Case No. 2010-2159 Kimberly A. Zurz [David Goodman], Director, Ohio Department of Commerce v. Kimberly Mayhew, Esq. [Robert G. Hanseman], Administrator of the Estate of Roy D. Dillabaugh, et al.



Supreme Court of Ohio


Does Law Allow State Securities Division to Freeze Fraud Proceeds That Accused Has Passed On to Third Parties? Or Is Director’s Authority to Seek Injunctions Limited to Persons Involved in Fraud Scheme?
2nd District Court of Appeals (Montgomery County)

ISSUE: Does a provision of state securities law that empowers the Director of the Ohio Department of Commerce to seek court injunctions freezing the assets of persons accused of securities fraud, and to seek “such other equitable relief as the facts warrant,” allow the director to seek injunctions that temporarily freeze proceeds from a fraud scheme that have been transferred to the possession of an innocent third party?
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Stephen P. Carney for David Goodman, Director, Ohio Department of Commerce
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