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House Session - December 14, 2011 - Part 2

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Date : 12-14-2011     View : 18,258 Views     Duration : 01:28:50     Size : 403.5 MB    
16:15:30Reconvene Session
16:16:14Third Consideration - HB 389 (A)
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Dave Hall, Mark Okey
16:27:42Third Consideration - HB 18 (S)
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Nan Baker, Michael Foley, Nan Baker, Ted Celeste, Tom Letson, Barbara Sears, John Patrick Carney, Nan Baker, John Patrick Carney, Jim Buchy
16:49:30Third Consideration - SB 264 (S)
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Barbara Sears, Kenny Yuko, Barbara Sears, Kenny Yuko
17:00:10Third Consideration - HB 275
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Ron Young, Dennis Murray, Lynn Slaby, Barbara Sears, Mark Okey, Barbara Sears, Tom Letson, Barbara Sears, Matt Lundy , Barbara Sears, Michael Foley, Barbara Sears, Bill Patmon