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House Session - December 14, 2011 - Part 3

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Date : 12-14-2011     View : 28,772 Views     Duration : 02:32:16     Size : 691.9 MB    
18:15:10Reconvene Session
18:16:15Third Consideration - HB 369 (S)
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Matt Huffman, Matt Szollosi, Bill Patmon, Matt Huffman, Bill Patmon, Matt Huffman, Bill Patmon, Matt Huffman, Bill Patmon, Robert Hagan, Dan Ramos, Michael Foley, Tom Letson, Matt Lundy , Sean O'Brien, Ronald Gerberry, John Barnes, Matt Huffman
19:16:43Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 157 (S)
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Kirk Schuring, Tom Letson, Kirk Schuring
19:24:23Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 225 (S)
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Al Landis, W. Carlton Weddington, Vernon Sykes, Al Landis, John Carey, Tom Letson
19:43:09Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 243 (S) (A)
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Ron Young, Vernon Sykes, Casey Kozlowski
19:49:38Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 250 (S)
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Robert Hackett
19:52:35Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 96 (S)
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Ted Celeste
19:54:57ResignationResignation of Rep. John Carey Ron Amstutz, Vernon Sykes, William Batchelder, John Carey
20:18:29ResignationResignation of Rep. Tim DeGeeter Jay Goyal , Terry Blair, Timothy DeGeeter, William Batchelder
20:37:31ResignationResignation of Rep. Richard Hollington William Batchelder, Richard Hollington, William Batchelder
20:43:56RecognitionRep. Conditt with a point of personal privilege
20:46:54At Ease