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Senate Session - May 3, 2012

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Date : 05-03-2012     View : 17,960 Views     Duration : 02:40:01     Size : 726.7 MB    
11:08:58Convene Session/InvocationPrayer by Pastor Tim Muller, Ascension Lutheran Church, Columbus, OH
11:11:54Journal of Previous Day
11:12:16Recognition Jim Hughes
11:13:15Recognition William P. Coley
11:14:14Recognition Tom Niehaus
11:14:35RecognitionSenator Hite recognizing Aaron Craft of The Ohio State University Men's Basketball Team as a 2012 Capitol One Academic All-American and the 2012 All-Big Ten Conference Defensive Player of the Year.
11:19:49Recognition Charleta B. Tavares
11:24:40Recognition Kevin Bacon
11:29:01Resolution - SCR 14
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Shannon Jones
11:35:41Third Consideration - HB 99
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Thomas Patton, Capri Cafaro, Bill Seitz, William P. Coley, Kris Jordan, John Eklund, Frank LaRose, Peggy Lehner, Cliff Hite, Shirley A. Smith, Thomas Patton, Nina Turner, Thomas Patton, Keith Faber, Nina Turner, Thomas Patton, Keith Faber, Edna Brown, Thomas Patton, Keith Faber, Nina Turner, Tom Sawyer, Thomas Patton, Charleta B. Tavares
12:49:18Third Consideration - SB 160
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Kevin Bacon
13:01:04Third Consideration - SB 301
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Dave Burke, Capri Cafaro, Bob Peterson
13:12:56Recognition Michael Skindell
13:13:26Third Consideration - SB 305
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Jim Hughes, Michael Skindell
13:23:05Third Consideration - SB 331
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Thomas Patton, Michael Skindell, Larry Obhof, Shirley A. Smith, Tim Schaffer, Frank LaRose, Nina Turner
13:47:20Resolution - SCR 30
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Keith Faber