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House Session - June 13, 2012

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13:33:29Convene Session/InvocationPrayer by Rev. Rob Sparr, a guest of Rep Roegner
13:38:51Resolution - HR 409
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Rep. Antonio Honoring the Lakewood High School girls rugby team as the 2012 State Champion
13:43:35Resolution - HR 329
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Rep. Antonio honoring Dr. William W. Wagner on being named the 2012 Principal of the Year
13:45:32Resolution - HR 408
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Rep. Smith honoring Karena Fulks as the 2012 OHSAA Div. II State Long Jump Champion
13:50:18Resolution - HR 416
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Rep. Johnson honoring the Wheelersburg High School baseball team as the 2012 Div. III State Champion
13:59:08RecognitionRep. Wachtmann and Gardner with a point of personal privilege
14:04:47Journal of Previous Day
14:05:07Introduction of Bills
14:07:28Motion Cheryl Grossman, Debbie Phillips
14:08:14Third Consideration - SB 316 (S)
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Gerald Stebelton, Randy Gardner, John Patrick Carney, Gerald Stebelton, Debbie Phillips, Gerald Stebelton, Barbara Sears, Denise Driehaus, Ted Celeste, Gerald Stebelton, Barbara Sears, Connie Pillich, Gerald Stebelton, Connie Pillich, Ron Amstutz, Matt Huffman, Lousi Terhar, Dan Ramos, Nickie Antonio, Gerald Stebelton, Barbara Sears, Ronald Gerberry, Bill Patmon, Armond Budish, Gerald Stebelton
15:57:15Third Consideration - SB 314 (S) (A)
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Mike Dovilla, Alicia Reece, Mike Dovilla, Denise Driehaus, Matt Lundy , Mike Dovilla, Barbara Sears
16:19:13Third Consideration - SB 337 (S) (A)
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Ross McGregor, Alicia Reece, John Barnes, Matt Huffman
16:31:32Third Consideration - HB 535 (S)
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Brian Hill, Dennis Murray
16:37:08Third Consideration - HB 495 (A)
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Terry Johnson, Dorothy Pelanda, Robert Hagan, Danny Bubp, Tom Letson, Terry Johnson, Michael Foley, Ron Maag, Barbara Sears, Ron Young
17:24:03Third Consideration - HB 479 (S)
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Christina Hagan, Dennis Murray, Christina Hagan
17:41:25Third Consideration - HB 143 (S)
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Michael Stinziano, Sean O'Brien, Barbara Sears, Bill Patmon, Michael Stinziano, Bill Patmon, Michael Stinziano, Jarrod Martin, Sean O'Brien, Jarrod Martin, Sean O'Brien, Christina Hagan
18:00:14Third Consideration - SB 309 (S)
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Dave Hall
18:03:57Third Consideration - SB 321 (A)
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Ron Maag
18:09:44Third Consideration - SCR 30
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Gerald Stebelton, Dale Mallory
18:17:06Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 509 (S) (A)
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Matt Huffman, Terry Blair
18:21:46Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 262 (S)
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Matt Huffman, Teresa Fedor, Danny Bubp, Tom Letson
18:40:24Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 490 (S) (A)
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Matt Huffman, Al Landis, Connie Pillich
18:46:15RecognitionRep. Williams with a point of personal privilege
18:47:28RecognitionRep. Conditt with a point of personal privilege