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House Session - December 13, 2012 - Part 2

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Date : 12-13-2012     View : 13,434 Views     Duration : 01:12:39     Size : 329.9 MB    
15:38:21Reconvene Session
15:40:41Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 495 (S) (A)
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Terry Johnson, Michael Foley, Terry Johnson, Ronald Gerberry, Terry Johnson, Dan Ramos, Danny Bubp, Ted Celeste, Robert Hagan, Ron Maag, Matt Lundy , Terry Johnson, Bill Patmon
16:16:20Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 247 (S)
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James Butler
16:22:54Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 278 (S)
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Gerald Stebelton, Mark Okey
16:31:48Resolution - HB 528
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Honoring Clerk Jennifer Woodring on her service to the House Louis Blessing, William Batchelder
16:38:31Resolution - HR 529
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Honoring Deputy Clerk Tom Sherman on his service to the house Matt Huffman, Louis Blessing, William Batchelder, Matt Szollosi