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Case No. 2012-0338 State of Ohio v. David Graham et al.



Supreme Court of Ohio


Is Public Employee’s Statement to Inspector General in Investigation a ‘Compelled Statement’ That May Not Be Used in Criminal Prosecution?

If Refusal To Answer Questions Potentially Punishable by Employee’s Firing

State of Ohio v. David Graham et al., Case no. 2012-0338
Twelfth District Court of Appeals (Brown County)

ISSUE: When an employee of a state agency is questioned under oath by the Ohio Inspector General’s Office as part of an investigation of a suspected violation of law or administrative rules, and termination of employment is a possible sanction the employing agency could impose if the employee fails to fully and truthfully respond to questions posed by the inspector general, are the employee’s statements to... [ More ]
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John Woliver for Randy Miller
Jessica Little for the state
Summation: John Woliver for Randy Miller
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