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House Session - May 22, 2013

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13:53:04Convene Session/InvocationPrayer by Pastor R.J. Leek, a guest of Rep. Thompson
13:56:23Resolution - HR 99
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Rep. Henne Honoring the Northmont High School Academic Challenge team as the 2013 NAQT State Champion
13:59:51Resolution - HR 109
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Rep. Perales honoring the Bellbrook High School Color Guard as the 2013 Winter Guard International Champion
14:06:39Resolution - HR 120
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Rep. Rogers Honoring the Willoughby South High School Academic Decathlon team on winning a 2013 National Championship
14:11:44Resolution - HR 122
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Rep. Butler honoring the Oakwood High School Academic Decathlon team on winning the 2013 Div. III National Championship
14:15:56Resolution - HR 124
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Reps. Foley, Dovilla & Budish honoring the Polaris Career Center culinary team on winning the 2013 Ohio ProStart Invitational Championship
14:20:04Resolution - HR 128
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Rep. Williams honoring Darius Ellison as the 2013 Ohio Youth of the Year
14:34:29Resolution - HR 130
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Matt Huffman, Kathleen Clyde, Fred Strahorn, Matt Huffman, Tom Letson, Debbie Phillips, John Patrick Carney, Matt Huffman, John Patrick Carney, Armond Budish, Matt Huffman
15:49:04Third Consideration - HB 98 (S)
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Anne Gonzales, Wes Retherford, Connie Pillich, Anne Gonzales, Lousi Terhar, Dave Hall
16:06:34Third Consideration - HB 141
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Rex Damschroder, Matt Lundy , Rex Damschroder
16:12:39Third Consideration - SB 115 (S)
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Matt Huffman, Jack Cera
16:21:08RecognitionRep. Pillich with a point of personal privilege recognizing victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes