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A Forum on the Law : From Burma to Myanmar



Priscilla A. Clapp served as the U.S. Charge d’Affaires in Burma
for three years. She is currently advising the Asia Society and the
United States Institute of Peace’s Rule of Law Center. In addition
to her deep understanding of the challenges facing the country,
she is well acquainted with the major players, including Aung San
Suu Kyi, who was awarded the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize.
Clapp has made a number of appearances on the PBS News
Hour, C-SPAN, CNN, and as an op-ed contributor to The Wall
Street Journal Asia Edition.

Prior to her post in Burma she served as Charge d’Affaires in the U.S.
Embassy in South Africa (1993-96), Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
for Refugee Programs (1989-1993), Political Couns... [ More ]
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Priscilla Clapp
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