Senate Session - February 19, 2014

13:49:26Convene Session/Invocation
Prayer by Chaplain Tom McCullough, Capitol Commission.
13:51:14Journal of Previous Day
13:51:36Point of Personal Privilege
Jim Hughes
13:51:57Point of Personal Privilege
Frank LaRose
13:53:02Point of Personal Privilege
Cliff Hite
13:54:24Point of Personal Privilege
Senator Widener recognizing Steven Brockshus and Maddy Buschur in honor of National FAA Week. Chris Widener
14:00:13Point of Personal Privilege
Jim Hughes
14:04:05Resolution - HCR 40
Jim Hughes, Nina Turner
14:07:52Third Consideration - HB 170 (S)
Shannon Jones, Gayle Manning
14:18:24Third Consideration - SB 43 (S)
Dave Burke, Charleta B. Tavares, William P. Coley
14:31:31Third Consideration - SB 231
Randy Gardner, Cliff Hite
14:36:44Third Consideration - SB 275
Cliff Hite
14:45:43Introduction of Bills
14:45:54Resolution - SR 271
Chris Widener
14:48:05Resolution - SR 272
Chris Widener
14:50:01Resolution - SR 273
Chris Widener
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