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Ohio Senate : January 7, 2013

Ohio Senate
13:35:01Convene Session/InvocationPrayer by Pastor Douglas Meyer, St. John's Lutheran Church, Celina, OH
13:45:39Swearing InSwearing in of Randy Gardner as Senator of District 2
13:52:03Swearing InSwearing in of Joe Uecker as Senator of District 14
13:53:25Swearing InColey, Seitz and Widener
13:55:36Swearing InFaber, Hughes and Eklund
13:57:21Swearing InBalderson, Obhof, Patton and Burke
13:59:47Swearing InHite, Bacon and Beagle
14:02:00Swearing InJones, Manning and Peterson
14:03:50Swearing InJordan, LaRose, Oelslager and Schaffer
14:05:28Swearing InSawyer, Gentile and Cafaro
14:07:43Swearing InKearney, Brown and Tavares
14:09:55Swearing InSmith, Skindell, Turner and Schiavoni
14:11:57Swearing InElection of Senator Faber to Office of President
14:13:44Swearing InElection of Senator Widener to Office of President Pro Tem
14:20:51Swearing InElection of Senator Patton to Office of Majority Floor Leader
14:26:41Swearing InElection of Senator Larry Obhof to Office of Majority Whip
14:35:23Swearing InElection of Senator Kearney to Office of Minority Leader
14:44:08Swearing InElection of Senator Schiavoni to Office of Assistant Minority Leader
14:48:54Swearing InElection of Senator Turner to Office of Minority Whip
14:53:16Swearing InElection of Senator Brown to Office of Assistant Minority Whip
14:58:11Swearing InKearney, Schiavoni, Turner and Brown
15:03:41Swearing InElection and Swearing-in of Vincent Keeran as Clerk of the Senate
15:09:10RecognitionAlliance Chorus and the singing of God Bless America
15:24:18Resolution - SR 1
15:24:59Resolution - SR 2