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City Club of Cleveland Presents: Conference on Free Speech - Fee Speech in the Age of the Internet
The City Club celebrates its centennial at a defining moment in the history of free speech, as a confluence of great forces changes the conditions under which we exercise our speech rights. Prominent among these forces are the seismic shifts created by the rise of the internet, through which we are all-immediately, globally-speakers in a vast public conversation. Just as networked technologies empower new speakers to participate in public dialogue on an unprecedented scale; these same new technologies create new challenges to the conditions necessary for free speech to flourish. The first panel assembles thought leaders on the front lines of free speech in the age of the internet to discuss:

* The battle over who owns, and can control, the online public forum
* The current challenges of protecting free speech on the internet and the future of free speech in cyberspace
* The speech implications of the evolving relationship between online platforms, governments, private companies, and the news media
* Wikileaks and its discontents
* The relationship between speech and anonymity in an age where information is indelible, indexed, and available to all through an instant, unfiltered, global communication stream
* The ability of newly empowered intermediaries to censor individual speakers
* The upset in the news industry and the future of journalism.
October 10, 2011