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City Club of Cleveland Presents: Conference on Free Speech - World Have Your Say: A Global/Cleveland Conversation on Free Speech in the Age of Terrorism
Segment One:

World Have Your Say (WHYS) is the name given to the conversation between all of BBC Global News and all of those tuned into the programming. Conversations continue 24 hours a day, through its blog, Facebook, Twitter account, and all of the programs on BBC radio and BBC television. The programming creates a global conversation where the BBC provides the platform, but contributors control the topics and shape the discussion. WHYS uses all available technology to make the program as open as possible, receiving phone calls, calls over the net, text messages, tweets, emails and comments on this blog.

Ros Atkins will facilitate an on air conversation with leading experts on free speech in the age of terrorism. However, depending on the breaking news from around the globe, the topic may broaden.

Segment Two:

The twenty-first century has opened with violent global events, and as governments worldwide address the new threats posed by terrorism and the requirements of national security in a globalized, interconnected world, the scope of traditional speech rights are constantly in flux. In less direct ways, free speech has been the catalyst for the sweeping revolutions of the Arab Spring, and governments have leapt to defend the speech rights of demonstrators, protestors, and revolutionaries, but are challenged to draw appropriate lines to ensure that speech does not facilitate terrorism and insurgency. Continuing the conversation begun with the BBC's World Have Your Say for the Cleveland audience, this panel explores questions about the nature of free speech amidst the global events of the age of terrorism, including:

* How are First Amendment freedoms compromised by the requirements of national security?
* What role do speech rights play in, and how are speech rights affected in turn by, regional revolutions?
* What are the challenges facing governmental transparency & unfettered reporting in the context of national security?
* What is the appropriate scope of free speech in an international environment where communication can itself facilitate, or even constitute, terrorist activity?
October 10, 2011