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O-H-I-O - Carla Buckley, Author
Columbus author Carla Buckley ("The Things That Keep Us Here") tells how her doomsday novel was informed by the vital work performed by Ohio State researchers who are ensuring that we're prepared for pandemics.

Featured are two of Ohio State's 135-plus Public Health for Infectious Disease experts Dr. Armando Hoet, Director, Veterinary Public Health Program, Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine; and Dr. Richard D. Slemons, Professor, Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine.

How will we create systems to solve the complex and pressing problems we face in the 21st century? We went looking for answers in Cameroon, where a system for sharing grazing lands has developed organically without the benefit of governments or bureaucracies.
Pulling together researchers from agriculture, bioscience, public health, medicine and the social and behavioral sciences is a strength of the research conducted at Ohio State.

Featured are Mark Mortiz, Professor, Department of Anthropology; and Kristin Richey, Ohio State student.

Nursing is a demanding profession, but oncology nurses-those who treat people battling cancer-face particular challenges. This segment looks at Ohio State teachers and students who are dedicated to helping patients with critical health care needs. Ohio State's James Cancer Hospital is a nationally-ranked cancer treatment and research center.

Featured are Susan Brown, Chief Nursing Officer, The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute; Abby Elsmore, nursing student, The James Cancer Hospital; Elizabeth Lenz, Dean, The Ohio State University College of Nursing; Adam Necker, nurse practitioner student, The James Cancer Hospital; and Jacklyn Schaefer, Clinical Associate, The James Cancer Hospital.

Researchers have studied links between cancer and diet for many years. Now, researchers at The Ohio State University are developing a soy-tomato cocktail they believe helps reduce the rate of prostate cancer, and they're working to make the product available to consumers.
Ohio State uniquely draws upon more than 200 researchers from a variety of disciplines to discover cancer prevention, treatment and cures.

Featured are Dr. Steven K. Clinton, Professor, College of Medicine, Internal Medicine - Hematology/Oncology; Dr. Steven J. Schwartz, Professor of Food Science & Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Nutrition; Dr. Yale Vodovotz, Associate Professor, Food Science and Technology; and Rachel Kopec, Ph.D student.

Watch how teachers are studying Shakespeare and learning how "dramatic inquiry," which uses movement, role-playing, and research, can help students become more imaginative, curious, and successful.

Ohio State co-sponsors one of the nation's leading Science, Technology, Engineering and Math high schools, Metro High School, which is an early adopter of this new creative teaching methodology. Featured are Brian Edmiston, Associate Professor, School of Teaching and Learning; and Amy McKibben, teacher, Hannah Ashton Middle School