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O-H-I-O - Ohio State & the Edison Welding Insititute
When welding engineers say "hot" they could be talking about the products and processes they design or their future career prospects. Step inside the partnership between Ohio State and the Edison Welding Institute as these specialized emerging professionals design the products and create the jobs of tomorrow. Jobs are a part, but only part of the answer when it comes to overcoming the challenges of poverty, a fact understood and applied by a unique "test it in the real world" team of researchers at Ohio State's new International Center for Poverty Solutions. Take a walk with them as they hear first-hand what we can do to help more people attain self-sufficiency. Finally, see how chemistry might just provide the secret element to making a battery-powered world reality, the dream of Ohio State University chemistry professor, former dean and now head of the National Science Foundation's Chemistry Division, Matt Platz.