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Our Ohio - 3-8-2019 - Ohio Hops Farmer, A Vet's Life, Glory Foods
Ohio Hops Farmer

Since 2011 the number of breweries in Ohio has more than doubled. And as the craft brewing craze has exploded, there's been a desire for locally sourced hops. So what's it like to venture into the world of hops farming?

A Vet's Life

Is being a veterinarian the warm and fuzzy experience many people imagine it is? Find out what it's really like as Our Ohio rides along with Fairfield County veterinarian Dr. Steve DeBruin.

Glory Foods

Collard greens, sweet potatoes, black-eyed peas and rutabaga aren't traditional Ohio fare. But Glory Foods, in Columbus, has captured the flavor of traditional down home Southern cooking like no one else.
March 8, 2019