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The Sound of Ideas - 8-26-2019 Changing Demographics in Euclid
Euclid has been a community in transition for decades. Its once-robust manufacturing economy has eroded. Like many inner-ring suburbs, it faces rising poverty, struggling schools and racial tension as its population has shifted from almost entirely white to majority black. How can Euclid meet the challenges it faces, and does it hold answers for other communities facing similar issues? On The Sound of Ideas, we're gathering Euclid leaders for a conversation about surviving in the face of such economic challenges, and about how to deal with rising crime and struggling schools while resources decline.

-Steve Litt, Reporter, The Plain Dealer

-Councilman Daryl Langman, Ward 7, City of Euclid

-Pearletha Taylor, President of the Heritage Park Community Association

-Jonathan Holody <>, Planning and Development Director, City of Euclid

-Councilman Brian Moore, Ward 2, City of Euclid & Associate Pastor, Lake Shore Christian Church

-Christopher Papouras, Interim Superintendent, Euclid City Schools

-Jeff Beck, Co-Founder, Euclid Citizens in Action
August 26, 2019