DVD : Ohio House Federalism Committee - 6-26-2019
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H. B. No. 178 - Rep. Hood, Rep.Brinkman
Modifies weapons law; permit
concealed carry without license
8th Hearing - Poss. Vote, Poss. Am. Prop/Opp/IP

H. B. No. 248 - Rep. Powell, Rep. Smith, T.
Exempt antique firearms from certain weapons control laws
1st Hearing - Sponsor

H. C. R. No. 11 - Rep. Keller, Rep. Kick
Recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
1st Hearing - Sponsor

H. R. No. 140 - Rep. Skindell
To call on legislators at the state and federal level and other communities and jurisdictions to support an amendment to the United States Constitution that would abolish corporate personhood and the doctrine of money as speech.
1st Hearing - Sponsor

A full record of House Committee proceedings is available here: ohiohouse.gov/committee/federalism
June 26, 2019