DVD : Supreme Court of Ohio - Case Nos. 2019-0420 & 2019-0421 In re Adoption of Y.E.F & In re Adoption of M.M.F.
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In the Matter of the Adoption of Y.E.F. and In the Matter of the Adoption of M.M.F., Case Nos. 2019-0420 and 2019-0421
Fifth District Court of Appeals (Delaware County)

- Given that an indigent individual has a right to counsel when a juvenile court is considering taking away parental rights, does the lack of a right to an attorney when the parent is facing termination of parental rights through adoption in probate court violate the parent's constitutional right to equal protection under the law?
- Did the probate court's denial to appoint an attorney to an indigent parent who was unable to represent herself adequately in this adoption case violate the parent's due process rights?
September 11, 2019