April 25, 2012
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00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Donna Barrett a guest of Rep. Anielski
00:06:42Resolution - HR 337Reps. Wachtmann and Huffman honoring Curtis Miller as a 2012 Div. III state wrestling champion
00:09:38Resolution - HR 298Rep. R. Adams honoring BJ Toal as a 2012 Div. III state wrestling champion
00:11:23Resolution - HR 296Rep. R. Adams honoring Jordan Marshall as a 2012 Div. III state wrestling champion
00:12:36Journal of Previous Day
00:14:10Motion John AdamsTracy Maxwell Heard
00:14:55Resolution - HR 364Relative to the election of Gary SchererMatt Huffman
00:17:35Swearing In Rep. Gary Scherer Swearing In
00:22:14Resolution - HR 365Relative to travel allowanceLouis Blessing
00:23:44Third Consideration - HB 405Cliff RosenbergerConnie Pillich
00:30:54Third Consideration - HB 437Kristina RoegnerBill PatmonGerald Stebelton
00:35:43Third Consideration - HB 473Lynn WachtmannRobert HaganDennis MurrayLynn WachtmannMatt HuffmanDennis MurrayMatt HuffmanDennis MurrayLynn WachtmannMatt HuffmanSean O'BrienLynn WachtmannDennis MurrayLynn WachtmannJim BuchyMatt HuffmanKathleen ClydeLynn WachtmannMatt HuffmanTeresa FedorBarbara SearsLynn WachtmannMatt HuffmanTeresa FedorNickie Antonio
02:13:23Third Consideration - HB 487Ron AmstutzVernon SykesDebbie PhillipsBarbara SearsMatt Lundy Ron AmstutzAlicia ReeceVernon SykesAndrew BrennerRon AmstutzArmond BudishRon AmstutzMatt HuffmanNancy GarlandTracy Maxwell HeardRon AmstutzRandy GardnerMatt HuffmanMatt Lundy Matt HuffmanMatt Lundy Casey KozlowskiMatt HuffmanSandra WilliamsMatt HuffmanMark OkeyRobert HaganDave HallDebbie PhillipsMatt HuffmanBarbara SearsMark OkeyJohn Patrick CarneyRoss McGregorMatt HuffmanJohn BarnesRon AmstutzMichael FoleyRon AmstutzMatt Huffman
04:21:46Third Consideration - HB 489Mike DovillaChristina HaganTom LetsonMike DovillaDenise DriehausChristina HaganAlicia ReeceDebbie PhillipsDennis Murray
04:52:34Third Consideration - HB 508Peter BeckMichael FoleyTerry BooseDenise DriehausTom LetsonPeter BeckMatt Huffman
05:12:31Third Consideration - HB 509Terry BlairTerry BooseRonald GerberryMatt Lundy Tracy Maxwell HeardMarlene Anielski
05:33:59Third Consideration - SB 295Louis BlessingKathleen ClydeTom LetsonAlicia ReeceBarbara BoydMatt SzollosiRon MaagJim BuchyLouis BlessingArmond Budish
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