June 15, 2017
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00:00:02Roll Call
00:00:37Sub. H. B. No. 49
00:01:38Testimony - Mike Randle, Ohio Community Corrections Association
00:05:23Testimony - Robert McConnell
00:09:22Testimony - Diane McConnell
00:12:42Testimony - Jonathan Trumbull-Miller
00:14:44Testimony - Dan Boulton
00:17:11Testimony - Amanda Kitson
00:20:45Testimony - Linda Hughes
00:24:38Testimony - Terry Rittenhouse
00:28:22Testimony - Carrie Apthorpe
00:32:06Testimony - Mark Schmidt
00:36:10Testimony - Mary Jo Parello
00:39:45Testimony - Julia Johnson
00:43:28Testimony - Brenda Delong
00:47:07Testimony - Gary Biglin
00:51:52Testimony - Joe Hughes
00:55:11Testimony - Tom Stacy
00:59:55Testimony - Joy Mohr
01:04:07Testimony - David Dye
01:07:55Testimony - Jeannine Roediger
01:12:44Testimony - Kevin Ledet, Greenwich Neighbors United
01:17:28Q&A - Sen. Sykes
01:18:47Testimony - Dan Dodd, Ohio Association of Independent Schools
01:22:34Testimony - Siobhan Fagan, Wright State University
01:26:11Q&A - Sen. Tavares
01:26:46Comments - Sen. Oelslager
01:28:11Testimony - Susan Stevens, Ohio Athletic Trainers' Association
01:32:30Testimony - Nancy Neylon, Ohio Domestic Violence Network
01:37:05Q&A - Sen. Tavares
01:38:50Testimony - Mark Butler
01:41:38Testimony - Kirt Conrad, Stark Area Regional Transit Authority
01:45:36Testimony - Joe Calabrese, Cleveland RTA
01:49:30Testimony - Bryan Burgess, City of Oberlin
01:53:27Testimony - Erica Brownstein, Ohio Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
01:57:40Q&A - Sen. Lehner
02:00:24Q&A - Sen. Skindell
02:06:21Q&A - Sen. Sykes
02:09:13Testimony - Tim Williams, Ohio Manufactured Homes Association
02:12:32Q&A - Sen. Skindell
02:13:58Q&A - Sen. Tavares
02:16:38Testimony - Marilyn Crumpton, City of Cincinnati
02:20:56Testimony - Beverly Cain, Ohio State Library
02:24:34Testimony - Aaron Clarke, Equitas Health
02:27:52Q&A - Sen. Tavares
02:30:39Testimony - Keary McCarthy, Ohio Mayors Alliance
02:34:02Q&A - Sen. Dolan
02:35:41Q&A - Sen. Skindell
02:37:04Testimony - Angelo Campanella
02:41:30Testimony - Dustin McKee, National Alliance on Mental Health Ohio
02:45:33Testimony - Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, Ohio Association of Food Banks
02:50:04Q&A - Sen. Skindell
02:51:17Testimony - Bill Wilkins, Creative Housing Inc. of Central Ohio
02:55:18Testimony - Wendy Patton, Policy Matters Ohio
02:59:03Testimony - Barbara Riley, Ohio Aging Advocacy Coalition
03:03:37Testimony - Becky Finni, Ohio Occupational Therapy Association
03:07:30Testimony - Tim Pickana, CFFO & Solon City Schools
03:12:10Q&A - Sen. Lehner
03:12:38Testimony - Barbara Shaner, OASBO/OSBA/Buckeye Association of School Administrators
03:21:22Q&A - Sen. Coley
03:23:15Testimony - Terrence O'Donnell, Dickinson Wright PLLC
03:29:19Q&A - Sen. Eklund
03:34:18Q&A - Sen. Coley
03:38:12Q&A - Sen. Lehner
03:39:00Q&A - Sen. Skindell
03:40:55Q&A - Sen. Eklund
03:42:25Q&A - Sen. Bacon
03:46:36Testimony - Holly Trifiro, Teach for America - Greater Cleveland
03:51:08Q&A - Sen. Lehner
03:52:00Testimony - John Reed, Ohio Association of Medical Equipment Services
04:00:05Q&A - Sen. Lehner
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