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Enduring Trust: The History and Aspirations of the Cleveland Foundation
How the progressive, unconventional ideas of one Cleveland banker continue to pay dividends for the community 100 years later.

An anchor of support for Cleveland's current and future quality of life was forged 100 years ago by an unconventionally forward-thinking bank president, Frederick Goff, founder of The Cleveland Foundation. Enduring Trust: The History and Aspirations of The Cleveland Foundation explores Goff's work to empower donors to address the needs of coming generations by pooling their bequests in a community foundation with a public board. The future-focused foundation was groundbreaking, optimistic and, as one supporter lamented, perhaps a "nut radical" idea. But, Goff's pragmatic and studied approach, an enduring hallmark of The Cleveland Foundation, led to a series of pioneering philanthropic practices, while also adapting to the community's ever-changing social and economic challenges. The documentary also chronicles the Foundation's history, leadership and impact on Cleveland's people and its educational, medical, recreational and cultural programs and landmarks-including Cuyahoga Community College, the Free Clinic, the Cleveland Metroparks and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. A WVIZ/PBS production.
December 18, 2014