DVD : Attorney General Mike DeWine - Discussing the Sentencing of 'Bobby Thompson'
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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine held a press conference following the sentencing of John Donald Cody, also known as 'Bobby Thompson.'

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Steven E. Gall sentenced John Donald Cody, also known as 'Bobby Thompson,' to 28 years in prison and fined him more than $6 million. Judge Gall also ordered Cody to spend every Veterans Day in solitary confinement.

Judge Gall fined Cody $6,345,114.57 and ordered him to pay $330,778.70 to the Ohio Attorney General's Office for investigation and prosecution costs.

In regards to the $981,650 discovered in a Bobby Thompson suitcase in Portland, Oregon, Judge Gall said he would respect the 2011 Franklin County Court $3.9 million default judgment awarded in the civil case against Thompson's fraudulent U.S. Navy Veterans Association (USNVA). The money will go to the Ohio Attorney General's Office to be distributed to legitimate veterans' charities. The Ohio Attorney General's Office previously distributed $101,000 to legitimate veterans' charities using money that came from bank account assets seized early in the investigation.

The Ohio Attorney General's Office spent years investigating Cody, who is believed to have collected more than $2 million of Ohioans' money and tens of millions from residents in 40 other states who thought they were donating to military veterans via Cody's fraudulent U.S. Navy Veterans Association. Cody was convicted on Nov. 14, 2013, on 23 charges.
December 16, 2013