DVD : Columbus Metropolitan Club - 6-5-2019 - Criminal Sentence Reform Part II
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Prison populations are exploding. Overcrowded prisons lead to concerns about safety and human rights, not to mention the tremendous financial burden. Alongside this, we see an increase in drug-related incarcerations, especially those fueled by the opioid epidemic, which raises the perpetual discussion of the values of incarceration versus treatment. And of course, there is the age-old question about rehabilitation, post-prison life, and reintegration into society.

We are splitting this important topic into two separate forums. On May 22, we explored criminal sentence reform from the legal perspective. On June 5, the view will be from the community angle.


Denise Robinson
President and CEO
Alvis Inc.

Carter Stewart
Managing Director
Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

Jodi Thomas
Franklin County Municipal Court

Karen Kasler
Bureau Chief
Statehouse News Bureau
June 5, 2019