DVD : Columbus Metropolitan Club - Headlines from the Frontlines: The Economy's Impact on Social Services
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Featuring: Chuck Gehring, president and CEO of LifeCare Alliance, Barbara Poppe, executive director of Community Shelter Board and Matt Habash, president and CEO of the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and moderated by Mike Thompson, News Director WOSU.

Chances are that despite the recent economic downturn, if you are reading this, you probably woke up with a roof over your head, had a hot meal last night and have enough gas in your tank to get where you need to go today.

So even though we are approaching double digit unemployment, you are watching and reading about the recession in relative comfort, because you still have a job and the means to survive.

In contrast, for those who were having a tough time before - living on a fixed income, or no income - the situation is bleak and likely to get much worse before it gets better. Over the past few weeks we've learned that food pantries are stretched beyond the limit, jobless claims have overwhelmed the system, legal aid is out of money, thousands cannot afford to buy prescribed medications and your former next door neighbor may be sleeping under a bridge near 315.

Our panel of experts works on the frontlines of this drama unfolding behind the headlines. Please join us to hear directly from the people who are making a difference every day and learn how their agencies and others are addressing the challenges of tough economic times in the community.
February 25, 2009