DVD : Finer With Age - Cancer and Lifelong Learning
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Segment 1: We talk openly about some types of cancer, such as breast or lung cancer, but why are we uncomfortable sharing information that could save our life or that of a loved one? Lower body cancers - prostate, ovarian and colorectal cancer, pose an increased risk to seniors. Early detection is key and talking to your doctor about these types of cancer is crucial to your health. Cathy Phillips, the Director of the Columbus Cancer Clinic, and Jan Wallace, the Screening Services Director at the Columbus Cancer Clinic, join Finer with Age to discuss this topic.

Segment 2: Here in Ohio, state universities and colleges, both four- and two-year, allow Ohioans age 60 and older to attend classes at no cost. Some of those schools also have Lifelong Learning Institutes to promote the pursuit of education in retirement. Anne Holaday from College for Lifelong Learning at Sinclair Community College, and Vinie Walker, an 83-year-old college student, elaborate on this topic.
August 1, 2010