DVD : Finer With Age - The Digital TV Transition & Autumn Adventures Across Ohio
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Segment 1: The old way of sending TV signals over the airwaves is changing. Broadcast television stations are moving from an old system known as "analog" broadcasting to a new system known as "digital" broadcasting. At midnight on February 17, 2009, all full-power television stations in the United States will stop broadcasting in analog and switch to entirely digital broadcasting. This change will bring us a clearer picture and more programming options, but it also can mean a blank TV screen, literally, if you aren't properly prepared. Christine Merritt, the executive vice president of the Ohio Association of Broadcasters, and Jonathon McGee, the executive director of the Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association explain what the digital TV transition means to us and how we can ensure we will still receive our favorite shows.

Segment 2: With the ever rising price of gasoline, many folks are cutting back on their travel plans. But you can stay right here in Ohio and find fun and adventure. Our home state has a lot to offer and you may be surprised to learn about the interesting, exciting, and even educational, activities available in our own backyard. Assistant State Tourism Director Alicia Reece shares her insight on the autumn adventures we can enjoy close to home.
August 1, 2008