DVD : Governor John Kasich - 2018 Midwestern Governors Conference : Intersection of Physical & Digital Infrastructure
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The Smartland : Prepared, Agile and Empowered for the Future

The Midwest already enjoys a transportation and digital infrastructure that can handle a growing economy of the future. With robust information technology networks, a high-quality and highly-interconnected highway system, major rivers, sophisticated ports with ocean access and international passenger and freight airports, the Midwest can efficiently move data, raw materials and finished goods to any point on the globe. How do we keep these assets competitive and reboot them for the coming wave of change?

Speakers Include:
- Richard Threlfall, Partner & Global Head of Infrastructure, KPMG
- Ken DiPrima, Assistant Vice President, AT&T Internet of Things Solutions
- John Kwant, Vice President, City Solutions, Ford Smart Mobility
- Moderator: Mark Patton, Vice President, Smart Columbus
September 19, 2018