DVD : Governor John Kasich - Signing House Bill No. 167- Columbus Education Plan
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Governor John Kasich signs House Bill No. 167 at Indianola Alternative School on July 15, 2013. Joining the Governor are Mayor Michael Coleman of Columbus; Carol Perkins, President of the Columbus Board of Education; Alex Fischer, President of the Columbus partnership; Kathryn Moser, Principal of Indianola Alternative School; and State Representatives Cheryl Grossman of Grove City and Tracy Maxwell Heard of Columbus.

House Bill No. 167 revises the laws regarding internal auditing, levies, and the management of district and community schools in the Columbus City School District.

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) may incur minimal administrative costs to enter into a sponsor agreement with the mayor of Columbus. However, these costs will likely be absorbed within ODE's existing resources.

The bill requires the Columbus City School District to request voter approval for the creation of an independent auditor position. If approved, the district's expenditures will increase to support the operations of the auditor and to provide compensation to the auditor and any additional personnel hired to support the auditor.

The bill authorizes and requires the Columbus City School District to levy a tax for the current expenses of the district and certain community schools. If a levy is passed, district schools and partnering community schools will experience revenue gains each year for as long as the levy is in effect. The Columbus City School District will incur elections-related costs for both ballot questions under the bill. These costs include ballot advertising and holding elections. Costs will depend on the ballot advertising procedures that apply and whether the ballot issues appear on the general election or special election ballot. The bill authorizes the mayor of Columbus to sponsor community schools located in the district. To cover the costs of sponsorship, community school sponsors are permitted under continuing law to receive sponsorship fees from each sponsored school equal to 3% of each school's operating revenues. Columbus City Council may incur administrative expenses for establishing standards for community schools sponsored by the mayor.
July 15, 2013