DVD : Impact Ohio - Biennial Budgets (2012)
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Every two years in November, The Success Group hosts Impact Ohio, the Post Election Conference. An information-packed, one-day conference, Impact Ohio offers the first post-election opportunity to hear from those who will be making the policy decisions shaping Ohio's political agenda for the upcoming biennium.

The Post Election Conference is the only event of its kind in Ohio where those who are interested in Ohio government and politics join key government officials and business leaders to discuss and analyze Ohio's election results and their implication for Ohio and the nation.

Impact Ohio attendees hear first-hand from government officials, political analysts, pundits, and policy experts as they offer an immediate, fresh, and unrehearsed analysis of the events leading up to Election Day and predictions for the legislative and gubernatorial agendas at the Statehouse in the weeks and months to come.

Co-sponsored with the Ohio Democratic and Republican Parties, Impact Ohio provides a bipartisan look into the future of policy making in Ohio on a variety of topics.

Reconvening Comments:
Jennifer Flatter
The Success Group, Ltd.

McKenzie Davis
The Success Group, Ltd.

Rep. Ron Amstutz
House Finance and Appropriations Committee

Sen. Bill Coley
Senate Finance Committee

Tim Keen
Office of Budget and Management

Sen. Tom Sawyer
Ranking Minority Member
Senate Finance Committee

Rep. Vernon Sykes
Ranking Minority Member
House Finance and Appropriations Committee
November 8, 2012