DVD : Legislative Update - February 17 - February 21, 2014
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This program gives Ohioans a weekly update on legislation brought up for third consideration in the Ohio Senate and House of Representatives during the week of February 17th.

The Ohio Senate passed Substitute House Bill 170, sponsored by Representatives Johnson and Stinziano, allowing an individual to administer naloxone to a person who is experiencing an opioid-related overdose without being subject to criminal prosecution.

Also passed this week was Substitute Senate Bill 43. Sponsored by Senators Burke and Tavares, this bill makes changes to the laws governing the civil commitment of and treatment provided to mentally ill persons.

Senate Bill 231 also passed, sponsored by Senators Gardner and Hite, regarding the distribution of proceeds from the sale of school district real property.

Senate Bill 275, sponsored by Senator Hite, also passed this week. This bill designates March 9 as "Meningitis Awareness Day."

The Ohio Senate presented one resolution during the week of February 17th.

In the Ohio House of Representatives, Amended House Bill 416, sponsored by Representatives Burkley and Hill, passed this week, authorizing up to two additional school calamity days in 2014 and permitting schools to make up cancellations by lengthening remaining days.

Also passed was Substitute Senate Bill 205, sponsored by Senator Coley. This bill revises the law concerning the mailing of absent voter's ballots and applications for those ballots, and clarifies that an elector is generally responsible for completing those absent voter documents.

Amended Senate Bill 238, sponsored by Senator LaRose, also passed, reducing the number of days for absent voting.

The Ohio House presented several resolutions during the week of February 17th.

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February 19, 2014