DVD : Legislative Update - February 24 - February 28, 2014
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This program gives Ohioans a weekly update on legislation brought up for third consideration in the Ohio Senate and House of Representatives during the week of February 24th.

The Ohio Senate passed Amended Substitute House Bill 44, sponsored by Representative McClain, requiring the Director of Health to develop protocols regarding the authority to administer, deliver, distribute, or dispense drugs during certain public health emergencies.

Also passed was Substitute House Bill 342, sponsored by Representatives Brenner and Driehaus. This bill permits an educational service center to be a partner or the lead applicant of an education consortium seeking a grant under the Straight A Program and modifies the goals of projects supported by the program.

Amended Substitute House Bill 416 also passed this week, sponsored by Representatives Burkley and Hill, providing additional calamity day relief for schools.

Amended Senate Bill 243, sponsored by Senator Bacon, passed this week, creating a three-day sales tax "holiday" each August for qualifying back-to-school purchases.

In the Ohio House of Representatives, Amended Senate Bill 209 was passed. This bill, sponsored by Senator Manning, designates a portion of state route 58 within Lorain County as "Sgt. Louis Torres Memorial Highway" and a portion of Interstate route 270 in Franklin County as "Army Specialist Nicholaus E. Zimmer Memorial Highway."

Amended Senate Bill 186, sponsored by Senator Hughes, passed this week, creating the "Knights of Columbus" license plate.

Substitute House Bill 366 passed this week, sponsored by Representative Sprague, requiring hospice care programs to establish policies to prevent diversion of controlled substances that contain opioids.

Substitute House Bill 201, which also passed this week, was sponsored by Representative Butler and makes changes relative to mortgage subrogation and entries of satisfaction.

Also passed was Substitute House Bill 289, sponsored by Representative Schuring, making various changes to the law governing joint economic development zones.

House Bill 418, sponsored by Representative Patterson, passed this week, designating March as "Maple Syrup Month."

Substitute Senate Bill 216, sponsored by Senator Seitz, also passed. This bill relates to provisional ballots and voting locations serving multiple precincts.

The Ohio House of Representatives presented several resolutions during the week of February 24th ...

This has been your legislative update for the week of February 24th. You can catch live coverage of the Ohio House and Senate right here or at OhioChannel.org.

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February 26, 2014