DVD : Legislative Update - March 24 - March 28, 2014
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This program gives Ohioans a weekly update on legislation brought up for third consideration in the Ohio Senate and House of Representatives for the week of March 10th.

In the Ohio Senate, Amended Substitute House Bill 261 passed this week, sponsored by Representatives Butler and Stinziano, relative to court of claims operations and procedures for judge disqualification.

Amended Senate Bill 258 also passed, sponsored by Senator Balderson. This bill establishes standards for the performance of pharmacy audits in Ohio.

The Ohio Senate presented one resolution the week of March 24th. Senators Capri Cafaro and Balderson recognized Heather Wells as Miss Ohio.

In the Ohio House of Representatives, Amended House Bill 336 passed this week, sponsored by Representatives O'Brien and Hall, creating the Gaseous Fuel Vehicle Conversion Program, encouraging the use of alternative motor fuel.

Also passed was Substitute Senate Bill 173, sponsored by Senator Hughes, modifying the law governing tasting samples of beer and intoxicating liquor.

Sponsored by Senator Eklund, Amended Senate Bill 179 passed, including recycled water as a private water system for purposes of regulation by the Department of Health and boards of health.

Amended Senate Bill 202 also passed this week, sponsored by Senator Obhof and Senator Kearney, relative to the Control Share Acquisition Act.

Amended House Bill 497 also passed. This bill, sponsored by Representative Amstuz, makes capital appropriations and re-appropriations for the biennium ending June 30, 2016.

Amended House Bill 45, sponsored by Representative Johnson, also passed, creating "Military Sacrifice" license plates.

Also passed this week was Substitute House Bill 162, sponsored by Representatives Dovilla and Anielski. This bill adds extortion, perjury, and certain federal offenses to the list of offenses committed by a public retirement system member that may result in forfeiture of retirement system benefits.

Sponsored by Representative Hayes and Representative Thompson, Substitute House Bill 352 also passed, establishing a license for private, nonprofit therapeutic wilderness camps.

House Bill 373 also passed this week. Sponsored by Representative Terhar, this bill designates a portion of State Route 264 within the city of Cincinnati as the "Elder High School Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway" .

Amended House Bill 402 was passed as well, sponsored by Representatives Duffey and Landis, requiring the Tax Commissioner to notify taxpayers of tax or fee overpayments.

The Ohio House presented several resolutions during the week of March 24th. Representative Sears honored Taylor Vernot as the 2013 Division II State Girls Cross Country Champion. Representative Driehaus honored the University of Cincinnati dance team on winning the 2014 UCA and UDA Division IA Hip Hop Championship. Representatives Green and Becker honoring the University of Cincinnati Clermont College Women's Basketball team on winning the 2014 USCAA National Championship title.

This has been your legislative update for the week of March 24th. You can catch live coverage of the Ohio House and Senate right here or at OhioChannel.org.

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March 25, 2014