DVD : Legislative Update - May 12 - May 16, 2014
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This program gives Ohioans a weekly update on legislation brought up for third consideration in the Ohio Senate and House of Representatives during the week of May 12th.

The Ohio Senate passed Substitute House Bill 484, sponsored by Representatives Rosenberger and Brown, making changes to the coordination and administration of various higher education programs.

Amended Substitute Senate Bill 96 also passed. Sponsored by Senator Larose, this bill requires one unit of World History in the high school social studies curriculum.

Also passing this week was Substitute Senate Bill 140, sponsored by Senator Bacon, making changes to the law governing insurance companies.

Substitute Senate Bill 287 also passed this week, sponsored by Senator Hughes, modifying authorized investments of interim moneys and inactive moneys under the Uniform Depository Act.

The Ohio Senate presented several resolutions during the week of May 12th.

In the Ohio House of Representatives, House Bill 401 passed this week, sponsored by Representative R. Hagan and Representative Mallory, designating a portion of Interstate Route 75 in Hamilton County as the "William L. Mallory, Sr. Memorial Highway."

Also passed was House Bill 468, sponsored by Representatives Sears and McGregor, relative to salvage motor vehicles and junk motor vehicles.

Sponsored by Senators Coley and Seitz, Amended Substitute Senate Bill 245 passed this week, designating new memorial highways and changing the endpoint of an existing memorial highway.

Senate Bill 275 also passed this week, sponsored by Senator Hite, designating March 9 as "Meningitis Awareness Day."

Amended Substitute House Bill 375 passed as well. This bill, sponsored by Representative Huffman, modifies the severance tax on oil and gas, repeals a cost recovery assessment imposed on oil and gas well owners, creates an income tax credit, creates a severance tax credit, and excludes from the commercial activity tax certain oil and gas gross receipts.

Also passing was Substitute Senate Bill 260, sponsored by Senator Patton, prohibiting the Registrar of Motor Vehicles from issuing a motor vehicle dealer's license to a motor
vehicle manufacturer for the retail sale or lease of new or used motor vehicles under certain circumstances.

Amended House Bill 241 also passed, sponsored by Representative C. Hagan. This bill prohibits an employee of a public or nonpublic school or institution of higher education from engaging in sexual conduct with a minor who is enrolled in or attends that school.

Amended House Bill 277 also passed this week, sponsored by Representative Stautberg, requiring the state or political subdivisions to be considered property owners in certain cases for the purposes of Type II annexations.

Sponsored by Representative Stebelton, House Bill 290 passed this week, regarding civil immunity and the use of school facilities by members of the public.

Substitute House Bill 412 also passed, sponsored by Representative Gonzales. This bill revises the law governing the practice of physician assistants.

The Ohio House presented several resolutions during the week of May 12th.

This has been your legislative update for the week of May 12th. You can catch live coverage of the Ohio House and Senate right here or at OhioChannel.org.

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May 14, 2014