DVD : Ohio Channel Presents - Ladies' Gallery Dedication
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The Ladies' Gallery is a place of honor and learning in the Ohio Statehouse. The room pays tribute to Ohio's first six women legislators who paved the way for women in government, as well as all women who have served in the Ohio General Assembly.

The dedication took place 89 years to the week after Ohio was the sixth state to ratify the 19th Amendment on June 16, 1919, giving women the right to vote.

Ceremony participants included:
Jo Ann Davidson, first woman Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives;
Frances Strickland, Ohio's First Lady;
Nancy Hollister, former Ohio Governor and member of the Ohio House of Representatives;
Shirley Smith, Assistant Minority Leader of the Ohio Senate;
Kathleen Chandler, Ohio House of Representatives member;
Senator Richard Finan, Chairman of the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board; Charles Moses, Chairman of the Capitol Square Foundation; and
Tristen Davis, a 10 year-old student from Berwick Alternative School who recited the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
June 17, 2008