DVD : Ohio Channel Presents - Senate Bill 5: Yes or No?
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State Issue 2 gives Ohioans the opportunity to retain as law or repeal Ohio Senate Bill 5, which limits collective bargaining for Ohio public employees. Fred Andrle moderates a discussion on this important topic at the Bexley Public Library. Senator Keith Faber, representing the "Vote Yes on State Issue 2" campaign, "Building a Better Ohio" (advocating retention of S.B. 5 as law), and Dale Butland, representing the "Vote No on State Issue 2" campaign, "We Are Ohio" (advocating the repeal of S.B. 5), give arguments for and against State Issue 2 on your November ballot.

Conversations in the Humanities with Fred Andrle is a recurring program that features leading experts discussing important issues. All panel discussions are moderated by Institute Associate Fred Andrle.
October 4, 2011