DVD : Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission - September 10, 2015
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1:30 PM

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Approval of Minutes
-Meeting of June 11, 2015
IV. Standing Committee Reports
-Coordinating Committee (Trafford)
-Public Education and Information Committee (Beckett) and Liaisons with Public
Offices Committee (Asher)
-Organization and Administration Committee (Wagoner)
V. Subject Matter Committee Reports
-Education, Public Institutions, and Local Government Committee (Readler)
-Finance, Taxation, and Economic Development Committee (Cole)
-Judicial Branch and the Administration of Justice Committee (Abaray)
-Bill of Rights and Voting Committee (Saphire)
-Constitutional Revisions and Updating Committee (Mulvihill)
-Legislative Branch and Executive Branch Committee (Mills)
VI. Reports and Recommendations
-Article I, Section 13 (Quartering of Troops)
-First Presentation
-Public Comment
-Article I, Section 17 (No Hereditary Privileges)
-First Presentation
-Public Comment
VII. Proposed Amendments to Rules of Procedure and Conduct
VIII. Executive Director's Report (Hollon)
IX. Old Business
X. New Business
XI. Adjourn


Co-Chair Sen. Charleta Tavares
Co-Chair Rep. Ron Amstutz
Ms. Janet Abaray
Professor Herb Asher
Mr. Roger Beckett
Ms. Karla Bell
Commissioner Paula Brooks
Rep. Kathleen Clyde
Mr. Douglas Cole
Sen. Bill Coley
Rep. Robert Cupp
Rep. Michael Curtin
Speaker Jo Ann Davidson
Judge Patrick Fischer
Mr. Edward Gilbert
Mr. Jeff Jacobson
Speaker Charles Kurfess
Dr. Larry Macon
Rep. Nathan Manning
Mr. Frederick Mills
Mr. Dennis Mulvihill
Sen. Larry Obhof
Sen. Bob Peterson
Mr. Chad Readler
Professor Richard Saphire
Sen. Tom Sawyer
Sen. Michael Skindell
Rep. Emilia Sykes
Governor Robert Taft
Ms. Petee Talley
Ms. Kathleen Trafford
Mr. Mark Wagoner
September 10, 2015