DVD : Ohio Court of Claims - Case No. 2012-08516-WI Part 5 Darrell Houston v. State of Ohio
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Judge Jennifer L. Sargus is presiding over the wrongful imprisonment case Darrell Houston v. State of Ohio. Houston was determined to have been wrongfully imprisoned and is suing for monetary compensation. Houston served 16 years in prison, but would have served up to eight years for a separate conviction. The hearing will determine for what portion of his 16 years of imprisonment was wrongful and for what damages he should be compensated.

This case was tried to the court on the issue of damages. The court has considered the evidence and for the reasons set forth in the decision filed concurrently herewith, judgment is hereby rendered in favor of plaintiff in the amount of $718,783.41, which includes the filing fee paid by plaintiff.

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September 10, 2013