DVD : Ohio Dept. of Veterans Services - Women Veterans Panel
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Women have served in every military conflict beginning with the American Revolutionary War to present day. The total number of women currently serving on active duty is over 2 million and represents 15% of the military and according to the National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics the female veteran population is expected to grow over the next several years. Ohio is home to the seventh largest women veterans' population in the nation with 67,542.

Today's women Veterans have lived the historical turning point for women's involvement in U.S. military operations. They have served as part of the largest group of female service members in the nation's history, and most recently have witnessed the opening of all military occupations and positions to women.


Dorothy "Dottie" Alice Dimmick Windau, Mary Margaret Midos, Claudia Foss, Major Angela Bailey, Major Nicole Ashcroft, Sergeant First Class Kellie Feciuch, and Mary Miller
March 16, 2016