DVD : Ohio House Civil Justice Committee - 2-26-2020
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H. B. No. 238 - Rep. Cera, Rep. Scherer
Revise whistleblower protection laws
6th Hearing, Poss. Vote, Prop/Opp/IP

H. B. No. 506 - Rep. Manning, G.
Prohibit placement of child with relative child does not know
1st Hearing, Sponsor

H. B. No. 500 - Rep. Kick, Rep. McClain
Petition for visitation with incompetent or ward if denied
1st Hearing, Sponsor

H. B. No. 496 - Rep. Stein, Rep. Hoops
Grant apiary owners immunity for bee stings
1st Hearing, Sponsor

H. B. No. 464 - Rep. Cupp, Rep. Rogers
Change probate and trust laws/referrals to retired judges
2nd Hearing, Proponent

H. B. No. 421 - Rep. Smith, T., Rep. Blair
Provide immunity to hospital police officers
3rd Hearing, Opp/IP
February 26, 2020