DVD : Ohio House Civil Justice Committee - 3-23-2021
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S. B. No. 4
Sen. Roegner
Exempt personal info of certain persons from public records law
2nd Hearing
Poss. Am.

H. B. No. 35
Rep. LaRe, Rep. Click
Permit mayors to solemnize marriages anywhere within Ohio
3rd Hearing

H. B. No. 162
Rep. Galonski
Remove derogatory disability terminology
2nd Hearing

H. B. No. 182
Rep. Upchurch, Rep. Miller, A.
Prohibit discrimination in rental housing based on income
1st Hearing

H. B. No. 20
Rep. Leland, Rep. Crossman
Prohibit foreclosures and eviction during COVID-19 emergency
2nd Hearing
Organizer: Ohio Channel Production
March 23, 2021