DVD : Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee - 12-3-2020
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H. B. No. 539

Rep. Ghanbari, Rep. Blair

Permit township police to enforce traffic laws on interstates

5th Hearing
Poss. Vote

Sub. S. B. No. 256

Sen. Manning, Sen. Lehner

Regards sentencing offenders under 18 when committed offense

2nd Hearing
Poss. Am.

Sub. S. B. No. 3

Sen. Eklund, Sen. O'Brien

Express intent to reform drug sentencing laws

3rd Hearing
Poss. Sub. Bill

Sub. S. B. No. 156

Sen. Gavarone

Prohibits defrauding an alcohol, drug, or urine screening test

3rd Hearing

H. B. No. 403

Rep. Hillyer, Rep. Galonski

Eliminate court consent when move prisoner to transition control

1st Hearing
December 3, 2020