DVD : Ohio House Finance Committee - 6-18-2019
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H.B. 5 Hillyer, Leland - 1st Hearing, Sponsor, Pending Referral
Establish Ohio Public Defender State Loan Repayment Program

H.B. 11 Manning, G., Howse - 1st Hearing, Sponsor, Pending Referral
Regards tobacco cessation and prenatal initiatives

H.B. 7 Ghanbari, Patterson - 5th Hearing, Pro./Opp./IP - PS
Create water quality protection and preservation programs

Sub S.B. 52 - Gavarone - 2nd Hearing, Pro./Opp./IP - PA
Improve information integrity and security

A full record of House Committee proceedings is available here: ohiohouse.gov/committee/finance
June 18, 2019