DVD : Ohio House Health Committee - 1-21-2020
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H.B. No. 433
Rep. Lang
Require Medicaid-engage in competitive selection for lab services
1st Hearing
Sponsor Testimony

H.B. No. 418
Rep. Carruthers, Rep. Clites
Regarding prescription drugs and medication switching
1st Hearing
Sponsor Testimony

H.B. No. 420
Rep. Manning, G.
Increase frequency prescriptions refilled in emergencies
1st Hearing
Sponsor Testimony

Am. S.B. No. 59
Sen. Antonio
Require pharmacist education regarding naloxone dispensing
2nd Hearing

H.B. No. 412
Rep. Clites, Rep. Ginter
Establish the Rare Disease Advisory Council
3rd Hearing
All Testimony

H.B. No. 214
Rep. Brown
Regards prescription drug readers for visually impaired patients
3rd Hearing
All Testimony

H.B No. 188
Rep. Crawley, Rep. Cross
Prohibit blindness from denying or limiting care of minor
5th Hearing
All Testimony
January 21, 2020