DVD : Ohio House Health Committee - 2-4-2020
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H.B. No. 151
Rep. Carfagna
Affects chiropractors-loan repayment program/revise law
6th Hearing
All Testimony

H.B. No. 412
Rep. Clites, Rep. Ginter
Establish Rare Disease Advisory Council
4th Hearing
All Testimony

H.B. No. 418
Rep. Clites, Rep. Carruthers
Regards prescription drugs and medication switching
3rd Hearing
All Testimony

H.B. No. 436
Rep. Baldridge
With regard to screening and intervention for children with dyslexia
2nd Hearing

H.B. No. 243
Rep. Russo, Rep. Weinstein
Require health insurance to cover hearing aids
2nd Hearing

H.B. No. 338
Rep. Greenspan
Enacts Mental Health Awareness and Comm. Violence Protection Act
3rd Hearing
All Testimony
February 4, 2020