DVD : Ohio House Health Committee - 3-16-2021
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H. B. No. 176

Rep. Carfagna, Rep. Hall

Revise the Athletic Training Law

1st Hearing

Sponsor Testimony

H. B. No. 28

Rep. Wiggam

Regards stretcher vans, ambulances, and medical vehicles

2nd Hearing
Proponent Testimony

H. B. No. 135

Rep. Manchester, Rep. West

Prohibit certain health insurance cost-sharing practices

3rd Hearing
All Testimony


H. B. No. 136

Rep. Lipps

Regards Medicaid coverage of chiropractic services

3rd Hearing

All Testimony


H. B. No. 37

Rep. Manning

Regards emergency prescription refills

4th Hearing
All Testimony

March 16, 2021